Is modern roof restoration affordable?

How much does modern roof restoration cost in Australia?

Roofers doing roof sheetingAt some point in the lifetime of your home you will need to replace the roof.  Perhaps it has succumb to corrosion, has worn out and leaks, or is otherwise too damaged to be patched and easily repaired.  The roof sheeting prices can feel daunting but there are a few factors that come into play that can make a big difference. Consider if the roof can be repaired without needing to be completely replaced. Or consider polycarbonate roofing as installation and prices are quite low, check Bunnings.

Can the roof be cleaned, repaired, or restored instead of fully replaced?

If you can repair damaged sections vs. replacing the whole roof you’ll certainly save some money.  This is one of the great benefits to having a tiled roof.  If a section is damaged it is simple to remove the damaged tiles and replace them with new ones.  Perhaps your roof has a lot of mold and other debris.  This can be easily cleaned for about $250.  Much cheaper than a new roof.  In the end, it will always be cheaper to repair than to replace the roofing on an entire home or business.

If you go this route you can expect that your contractor will charge $25 to $40 per square metre.  If your repair is small they will most likely charge a base amount.  When the contractor comes out they will inspect your roof and will let you know if the damage is repairable.  They should give you a quote if it is or can discuss roofing options with you if the whole building needs to be re-roofed.

Other factors that affect cost:

The cost of the modern roof restoration or replacement will also be affected by a number of aspects including the pitch of your roof, how complex the roof design is, do the gutters and/or insulation also need to be replaced, how high the roof is, and which type of roofing material you want to use.

Once some of these factors are considered you can expect the reroofing to cost between $80 and $120 per square metre.  If you have a have with an exceptionally complex design or feature than the cost will be more.  When you discuss this with your contractor make sure you ask them if the cost includes removal and disposal or the debris from the roof you are replacing.  In all cases it should be included but it is best to double check the quote before signing anything.

If you begin to search for contractors and quotes online you should keep all of these features in mind.  Forgetting to factor in these special circumstances will end up resulting in an inaccurate quote.

Figuring the cost of roof tiling yourself:

If you’re really keen on estimating the cost of a modern roof restoration then you can actually figure it out yourself.  The very first thing you’ll need to do is learn how many square metres your roof is.  Once you have that number you can multiple it by 1.1 since your roof has a pitch.

The next step requires deciding which options you want to consider for materials.  Concrete roof tiling is often the least expensive.  Terracotta is usually at least 25% more than concrete depending on the quality range you’re going with and slate tile is the most expensive.  You can go to stores or look up the information online to figure out the cost of each.

It is also important to note that while concrete may be the least expensive it is still an attractive option that comes in a broad range of colors and designs.  If you’re on a tight budget don’t fret because concrete can look just as attractive as the other options.Of course, there is also metal roofing to consider.

What is the difference between tiles and metal roofing?

Colorbond is the metal roofing of choice usually because it is considered cheaper than going with tile.  However, this isn’t accurate.  Concrete tiles can actually come in at 20% cheaper than Colorbond.  If you prefer terracotta tiles they will range about the same price as the metal roofing.

Even outside of the price differences there are other factors to consider.  Terracotta tiles and concrete provide improved noise reduction and have better thermal insulation than Colorbond.  If you live in an area that is prone to fires then you may want to consider COLORBOND®.  As a flat sheet of metal it is better sealed against embers, although some brands do other fire retardant tiles if you’re set on that look.

Installation costs:

Overall it is more expensive to have roof tiles installed because there is a lot more time spent in labor.  Again, depending on the type of tile you select will add more or less time.  Terracotta and slate are more difficult to install and require more care and will add up on the higher end of roof restoration.  Metal sheeting is cheaper to install since it is a much quicker process and the contractors can get it completed in a fairly short amount of time.

In the end you’ll want to consider a broad range of factors before settling.  While some tiling may cost more than other it is also important to consider the warranties.  Some companies offer up to a 50 year warranty on terracotta tiles where most concrete tiles only have 15-20 year warranties.  An extra 30 years is a big difference.  You might also want to consider the added benefits of some of the options.  Things such as thermal insulation can cut down on some of the other monthly costs you acquire in your home.  Thermal insulation helps regulate the temperature within your home and can equal using your air conditioning and heating less and therefore cutting down on your electric bill saving you money over time.  Noise reduction can also be important depending on where you live.  If you’re near a loud highway then you’ll probably want a product that will lessen the sounds coming from the road.  If you live near the coast then you’ll want to consider options that are salt-safe.

In the end, while prices can range from $80-$120 per square metre you don’t want to make cost the only factor in your choice.  You’ll need to make sure you go with a product that will be long lasting, and suites your lifestyle, in addition to being attractive.

By July 21, 2015.    Modern Homes